I was out on a trail yesterday and I had about 3/4 mile to go and I was in PAIN!  I’ve been having some ankle issues lately and I was able to get in a decent workout until the end.  I slowed down a bit and the pain started to go away but at that point I was tired and basically just wanted to give up.

I started thinking about how many times over the years I just gave up when workint out.  I decided that wouldn’t be the case anymore.  I tried to speed up and just wasn’t feeling it and started trying to figure out how to get myself going….

I remembered reading various runners talking about their mantras to get through a difficult workout.  Honestly, I thought it was BS, how could that really work?

Getting back to my story, I was desperate…I started just telling myself “Pain is temporary, quitting is forever”  I’ve quit long enough, it’s time to keep going.

Guess what…IT WORKED!  I actually walked/ran my quickest mile!

Your turn: What do you think of mantras, do you think they work?  What is your favorite mantra?


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