Back on Track/Accountability

I might have been MIA for a few months, but I’m trying to get back on track.  I’ve learned that I’m the type of person that needs to be held accountable and as easy as it is to avoid my blog, avoid telling anyone about my workouts, that’s NOT helping me!

Of course, life does get in the way…especially in my line of work.  But, I’m QUITTING MY JOB!  After working in the banking industry for a year (still not sure what made me think that would be a good fit for me), I’ve decided to go to grad school.  In the fall, I will be back in school to get my master’s in Special Education and hopefully following that with certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Not only is this where I belong, but the change will help me get serious about working on me.  I’ve started by signing up for a beginner’s running program and, I know that running isn’t meant to be easy, but it’s definitely even harder than I ever thought it could be.  I might be the slowest person in the group right now and taking things at my own pace, but that’s OK.  We all have to start somewhere!

What does this mean for any readers out there…I will be trying to start blogging more (accountability!) but that probably won’t start until August when I quit my job.  Also, if you’re feeling helpful, check out my twitter.  I will post all of my workouts after doing them.  Help keep me on my toes if I don’t tweet a workout for a few days, encourage me, anything to keep me going!


Question:  How do you stay motivated?  I have to tell people what I’m doing because I do skip my workouts if no one knows about them way too often!  I also like to keep a gym bag in my car at all times.


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