New Year – New Me – Goals and an Intro

Hi there!  Let’s start with a little background info…

My name is Becca.  I am 27 years old and I work in the mortgage industry.  Last year, I accidentally came across a wonderful food blog called Healthy Tipping Point.  When I started reading it, I was addicted and began reading these blogs from these young women, trying their recipes, getting workout tips, and getting inspired every day.

Last year, I decided it would be great to join them and start my own food blog.  I am not a food blogger.  In other words, it sucked and I really only updated it once a month, if that.  You can look at my sad attempt here (don’t judge me from it!)

Anyway…I pretty much gave up, but became inspired once again, a few weeks ago.  I was thinking about whether or not to make any new years resolutions that I wouldn’t keep and it came to me that I would much rather just work towards becoming a better person all around.  Enter the blog.  Whether I end up with 1000 readers, or just one, this will hopefully keep me accountable.

Get to the point already…

Like I said, I’m not making resolutions.  I just want to work toward becoming better in all aspects (financial, health, happiness, a better friend/daughter/aunt/sister/employee/etc….)  I will be setting different goals (daily, weekly, monthly) and trying to do something new at least once a week.

Join me, feel free to comment, tell your friends!


Question of the day:  Did you make a new years resolution this year?  What is it?


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